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The population of Riyadh being the capital of Saudi Arabia has been drastically increased for the past 10 years (estimated to be around 6.4million). It comprises of 60% of Saudis and the rest are expatriates from various parts of the world. If I may summarized based on my observations, here are qualities and behavior of Saudi people / Saudis or Non Saudi who has been assimilated and absorbed by the locals.

1. Upon entering small store (bakalah, kedai runcit) they tend to greet the shopkeeper with Assalamualaykum. This is a very good practice as a Muslim which we may instill in our Malaysian culture. Some of them even greet each other while passing by even they don’t know you.

2. Congregational prayer in the mosque has been practiced for 5 times daily prayers. All of them from as young as 5 years to the elderly with walking stick obediently performing the duty in the mosque. I even saw someone with a wheel chair attending the congregational prayer as well. The shops are all closed during prayer times and the people swarmed the mosque just like during Friday prayers. That is why you may find mosque at every 500m from each other. I can even hear multiple times ‘azan’ (calling for prayer) been delivered from my house.

3. They do love kids a great deal. I bet if u have a kid and go to shopping mall, there will be at least one person to greet and play with your kid. Even a 7 year old kid will at least touch your baby’s hand. Some may give sweets or candies and there’s a few times they ask to photograph my kids. I can say it is nearly none this kind of things happening in Malaysia. Kids are being taught to aware of strangers as the rising cases of missing children. It’s frightening to think about my children safety in Malaysia compared with here in Saudi.

4. I guess they do love to just stay at home on the Friday morning. If you want to have a quiet and peaceful driving along the road in Riyadh, it has to be on Friday morning before the Jumaat prayer. For us, its time for our trip to Batha for a taste of delicious and moist shawarma ( It is hardly to see Saudis on Friday morning. Driver washing the car is common things to see around this time. However, it change starting after Jumaat prayer till the sun set, all of a sudden the deserted road will be flocked and cramped with traffics.

What about the other side of it? In that case you may have to search for others opinion as I only point out about what I like about them (Saudis).
Have a nice day.

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