Importance of Information

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It is vital is construction that you have the accurate information received and delivered. The circulation of information the target group also should be clear, precise and comprehensible. In other words, straight to the point. Construction doesn’t require flowery or extravagant explanation / instruction. The person who receives the information should be able to understand the instruction and commence the work accordingly.

Looking at the project management triangle, the effectiveness of information flow does affect the project or we may say it’s a part of project constraint.

Here’s the example of one situation :

Zahari is a graduate engineer cum site supervisor on contractor’s side for the project. He is in charge on all ceiling works for the project. One day he encounter one problem which are there is one area he is not quite sure o the detail as there are no approved shop drawings indicated for that area. So, he assumes that the detail is typical and commences the work as it is. During the inspection with the consultant, it is found out that the work is incorrect and was rejected.

Zahari’s mistake :
1. Make assumption on the information
2. Does not relay the information to the architect to resolve the detailing issue
3. Instruct the workers to complete the incorrect work

What he should have done :
In this case, he should have inquired from design department to provide details to be submitted to the consultant for approval. It may delay the work a bit however the more important thing is to get it right. It may delay ½ day work but it may save a few days work if it were to be rectified later after everything have been done. If we take a look into cost aspect, it certainly will cost more due to demolish and redo work, cost of material and labour. Request for information (RFI) should be sent to the consultant immediately and followed by updating the shop drawing.

Means of information

- shop drawing / construction drawing (must be approved by consultant)
- Request for information (RFI)
- Specifications
- Bill of quantities
- Method statement
- Material submission

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